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Church windows

Church windows by Webminkette
Church windows, a photo by Webminkette on Flickr.

Usually I admire stained-glass windows from the inside of a building but here, in Vienna, I came across a Church where I was captured by the beauty of the different patterns showing on the out-side. This is the Minoritenkirche or the minorities church.

It was difficult to find a place where I could seize the image, surrounded as it was by tall buildings, but, if you reflect on the higher windows, I hope you will be as entranced by them as I was. Better still, go to Vienna and wander round the grandeur of the city for yourself.

The Old Reflected In The New

In the centre of Vienna, a modern building of curved glass reflects the city buildings – secular and religious – in new ways.

Things from the past look different when seen in the context of the modern. Neither is wrong; they are what they are, and understanding both in their mutual context is the only way to enjoy the world.

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