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American Castle

American Castle by webmink
American Castle, a photo by webmink on Flickr.

Dusk in Chicago is a great time to enjoy the architecture. This is the Chicago Tribune building, with its gothic flying buttresses and ornamentation yelling permanence and wealth to you. Let’s hope the newspaper can survive the onslaught of new technology better than the mediaeval european buildings it mimics…

Chicago Park

Chicago Millennium Park by webmink
Chicago Millennium Park, a photo by webmink on Flickr.

The OSI Board meeting was held in the offices of ThoughtWorks, which are high in a tower overlooking Chicago’s centrepiece downtown Millennium Park. It’s a large, green place with formal gardens, sports areas, urban art and an open-air theatre. It’s worth clicking through to the original and taking a closer look.

This panorama (stitched together from three photos) is unusually quiet, even for a Sunday. The NATO summit was being held in the large building at the end of the park (top left) and the roads approaching it were either closed or heavily patrolled. The harbour next to the event was also cleared and patrolled by gunboats.

Militarised Zone

[youtube http://youtu.be/hIT3ch-tVCc]

Chicago is a city I like a lot, but this weekend’s visit was unusual because it happened to coincide with the NATO summit being held here. The architecture is just as splendid as usual (and I will probably post some photos of it), but each time I was out on the streets an enormous security machine was in operation. Riot police, riot cyclists (yes) and most amazingly gunboats in the Chicago river. I wonder how much this show of force inspires the reaction rather than pacifies it?

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