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Waiting to cross the road by webmink
Waiting to cross the road, a photo by webmink on Flickr.

As if to underline the laid-back character of Key West in Florida (which one American friend called “the laziest town in the country”), wherever you go there are chickens sauntering about their business. They actually look much tidier and more organised than most of the tourists.

Not to mention more traffic aware. All the car horns I heard were associated with tourists wandering into the street without looking; I saw no chickens with a death wish. One hen on Duval Street was crossing amidst all the traffic with her chicks, taking all five safely across. Another, a rooster, jumped from a tree into the centre of the street and looked around carefully to avoid a brush with destiny. And of course, the rooster in this picture was very carefully considering whether to jump off the kerb and cross, taking great care to look both ways first.

So next time you hear someone ask “why did the chicken cross the road”, the answer – at least in Key West – is “to teach the humans how to do it properly.”

Posing Iguana

Posing Iguana by webmink
Posing Iguana, a photo by webmink on Flickr.

Last time we were in Key West in Florida we didn’t see any of them, but the most recent visit I made I saw plenty of iguanas in all sizes. This one was posing strikingly for me.

Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey by webmink
Shades of Grey, a photo by webmink on Flickr.

The Florida Everglades are a huge area of wetlands, so it’s really no surprise to find it rains quite a lot quite often. Or it shouldn’t be, anyway,

This was taken on an “official” boat trip through the Everglades which also featured a supporting cast of millions of mosquitos and one or two reptiles (Florida is home to both crocodiles and alligators). There were also plenty of birds – this is an osprey, startled from his perch on a tree stump by our boat.

We’d had a generally bright and warm day, but crossing a large lake the sky darkened, rain pored and it was only possible to photograph in black and white, even with a colour camera!

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