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Edinburgh Castle with a blue sky?!

A friend has posted a picture of Edinburgh Castle on his facebook account today; it is the traditional image of a Scottish castle surrounded by grey swirling skies. It reminded me that we had also recently visited Edinburgh and had anticipated grey skies, damp mist and rain. After all, isn’t that what everyone expects when they visit Scotland at Easter?

Surprisingly, we had very little rain during the five days that we were there and had a couple of days when the sky was a brilliant blue! Of course, it was still chilly but it not only gave us the opportunity to walk and explore this fascinating city but also allowed us to take some stunning photos.

Meeting up with some friends who live in Edinburgh, I was informed that the city didn’t feel right if the sun shone and that the city was at its best when shrouded in mist or light rain. Pictures of the castle should apparently have that gaunt, forlorn, haunted look, that only a grey background can impart.

Despite their opinion, I rather like this picture of the castle, with the gorgeous blue sky, and I definitely appreciated the chance to look around the buildings contained within its walls without getting soaked. I recommend a visit (despite the cost) and hope you manage it on as pleasant a day as we did.

Rose Street Rose

Rose Street Rose by Webminkette
Rose Street Rose, a photo by Webminkette on Flickr.

There are so many things to catch your eye in Rose Street, in Edinburgh’s Georgian ‘New Town’, that you may not think to look down. Unfortunately, you would then miss these stunning mosaic flowers. It is often surprising where beauty exists.

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