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Continental Divide, Milner pass.

Colorado, in the USA, is one of our favourite places. We have enjoyed spending many Autumns (or, as the American’s say, “Fall”) there. This view was taken when we drove up to Milner’s pass, at an elevation of 10,759 feet.

The Continental Divide stretches from Alaska to (almost) the Cape Horn. It is fascinating because the water on one side flows into the Atlantic Ocean; on the other side it flows into the Pacific Ocean.

If only I could remember in which direction I was facing when I took this shot! There is nothing for it… I shall have to go back.

Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde Cliff Palace by webmink
Mesa Verde Cliff Palace, a photo by webmink on Flickr.

One of the most extraordinary places I have visited in the US is Mesa Verde. It is a town abandoned intact by its residents about 700 years ago, located in the canyon-riven plateau foothills of the Rocky Mountains in the south-west of Colorado. The town stretches along canyon walls and reflects the 700 years that the Anasazi lived there. It’s thought that climate change forced them eventually to leave and move south.

It’s an amazing place, as any 700-year-old town would be even if it hadn’t then been abandoned for another 700 years. The living spaces, ceremonial spaces (kivas) and towers seem much more recently built and left. They are hidden in the overhangs of the canyon, hard to approach from the plateau but with easy access to the valley floor.

Mesa Verde National Park is a must-visit if you’ve ever the time to get there – a day or so of driving from Denver.

Beautiful Snow

Coming to this resort (in the Fall) for many years, we have witnessed it under a complete spectrum of weather conditions. We have admired Autumn colours under brilliant sunlight but have also marvelled at it’s transformation to a magical world by the depositing of 15 inches of snow in just one night.

Arriving from England, where the slightest smattering of snow causes the whole country to grind to a halt, we were impressed by how quickly all roads and paths were cleared. The range of equipment used to clear the different sized surfaces was fascinating.

Nevertheless, after a fall of snow the views became a twinkling, white wonderland. The trees, dusted with snow, looked like cake decorations and the white background filled the scene with its own peace and calm. I certainly hope we will return there soon.

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