I’m Simon Phipps. If you want to know about me, rather than about this web site, you’ll find more than anyone could honestly want to know at my main web site and especially on its about page.

My first engagement with the Internet was in the 80s at some point. I was into bulletin boards, and one that I used offered e-mail using UUCP bang-paths for addressing. I migrated to CIX in the late 80s and got a “real” e-mail address (which I still have – sphipps@cix.co.uk although it’s a spam magnet these days).

The first web page I developed was in 1992 at IBM, where I maintained a minimal page of information for the Person to Person project on which I was working. I can’t find any traces of it any more though. When CIX offered web pages, I got one and hosted my first personal web page there. I used to post notes to the home page, and eventually made a “spool” page for them rather than deleting them. All the same, I used to delete spool pages too when they got old, and the only spool I can find now starts from 2001, but I know I was writing before then.

Travel Writing

I know, because I was already making notes about travel in 2001, as the first essay on this site shows. Travelling remains a source of inspiration and insight for me, and all my best work – on any subject – arises from it.

As a result, I have always woven writing about travel into the fabric of life rather than treated it in isolation. But posting some photos and comments in early 2012 finally made me wonder if I should run a separate stream for travel-related notes. So this site is the experiment to test the thought. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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