St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery, Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev is a fascinating European city and I would recommend anyone to plan a weekend stay there.

The tower in the foreground is the St Michael’s Monastery‘s bell tower. Beyond it lies the enormous Cathedral church which is open for visitors to look around, or to light a candle in, and it is part of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

It is a working monastery that dates back to the 12th Century but which was destroyed during the Soviet era. Surprisingly, it was rebuilt in 1997-98 after Ukraine regained its independence in 1991! You can read more about its history on Wikipedia or elsewhere.

It lies to one end of a wide open space (used as a parade ground in the Soviet era) and is faced, on the opposite side of the square, by the equally imposing but beautiful buildings of Saint Sophia’s Cathedral (now a museum.)

I love the clouds in this photo and the fact that it feels so different to anything you see in England.


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One response to “St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery, Kiev, Ukraine”

  1. Jean says :

    I was delighted by many of the Russian Orthodox churches and monasteries we saw in Russia, for exactly that reason: they are so different from ones in western Europe. Also they are so beautiful in themselves, particularly the ones like this: simple white walls with golden domes and highlights.

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