Archive | May 25, 2012

Pool of water

Pool of water by Webminkette
Pool of water, a photo by Webminkette on Flickr.

Surprisingly, when the weather turns hot, we long for shade and water. Many of our favourite sites include water in one form or another. It was a pleasure to discover this public oasis of peace and calm in Malaga’s city centre.

In climbing the hill and admiring the castles, we had encountered our fair share of glorious sunshine. On our return to the lower levels, it was delightful to discover our way back went through this beautifully laid out park. It was full, to our eyes, of exotic trees and shrubs and vibrant coloured flowers.

This pool, with its constantly moving middle, gave an illusion of stillness. A perfect place to stop, contemplate, reflect and renew our energy. Eventually, the little footbridge over the escaping streamlet encouraged us to explore further.

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