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Church windows

Church windows by Webminkette
Church windows, a photo by Webminkette on Flickr.

Usually I admire stained-glass windows from the inside of a building but here, in Vienna, I came across a Church where I was captured by the beauty of the different patterns showing on the out-side. This is the Minoritenkirche or the minorities church.

It was difficult to find a place where I could seize the image, surrounded as it was by tall buildings, but, if you reflect on the higher windows, I hope you will be as entranced by them as I was. Better still, go to Vienna and wander round the grandeur of the city for yourself.

Palm Nuts


Staying with a dear friend near São Paulo, I noticed a sound like crickets or cicadas coming from the front of the house. I’ve never actually seen a cicada in action (they go quiet when you find them) so I rushed outside with my camera, only to find it wasn’t insects.

The sound was actually made by squirrels gnawing through the leathery shells of the palm nuts that had fallen to the ground from the tree just outside the house. This video shows you how the squirrels do it – they gnaw a ring around the nut, pausing regularly as they get the opening started and then munching away at the kernel once they get through the shell.

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