Opera House, Dawn

Opera House, Dawn by webmink
Opera House, Dawn, a photo by webmink on Flickr.

I really love this photo of Sydney Opera House, taken at dawn from The Rocks.

It has an interesting (if depressing) story around it. I received a rejection from iStockPhoto when I tried to upload it to them for stock photo use. The grounds they cited were that it would be a breach of Australian law to sell this image.

When you consider that I can stand in public places throughout Sydney and take photographs that include the Opera House, this restriction seems pretty ridiculous. My original blog post actually got a response from Sydney Opera House, explaining they think they own the trademark in this image. That’s total poppycock, as an Australian lawyer confirmed, but it seems iStockPhoto would rather pretend it’s true than confront this abuse of the law by a Sydney landmark.

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