Bluebell Woods

Bluebell Woods by Webminkette
Bluebell Woods, a photo by Webminkette on Flickr.

Driving up the M3, in England, yesterday – I could glimpse the beautiful, blue, forest floors. Yes, it is the beginning of May and we are truly into Bluebell time. It is not surprising that many people take the opportunities afford to them to try and seek out such spots.

This reminded me of the photos I took, some years back, whilst tramping in the woods opposite Ashridge Business School. The sun was shining, we enjoyed the landmarks and spotted the occasional herd of deer. Waving in the gentle breeze, the ground was a sea of blue.

Looking through the view finder I didn’t think i would manage to capture the bluebells in my photos, so (when I could examine them on a computer) it was with great delight that I discovered I had encapsulated the essence of the experience after all. Of course, it is always better to visit the groves yourself and to enjoy, first-hand, the aroma and wonder of our Spring woods.


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  1. Freelancer says :

    Oh, these flower are sooo beautiful… It gives me chills to my spine, how much beauty holds our dear mother Nature…

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