Alcazaba of Málaga

Alcazaba of Málaga by Webminkette
Alcazaba of Málaga, a photo by Webminkette on Flickr.

Being used, in Britain, to castles (& ruined castles) like Beaumaris, it was a serendipitous delight to discover the stunning interiors of the Alcazaba of Málaga. Whilst entering the walled defences of the castle I had no inkling of the treasure held within.

Home of the Moorish Governor of Granada until 1487, this courtyard garden forms part of the inner citadel. The beautiful Moorish architecture coupled with the use of still and running water created areas of cool peace and tranquillity; there were many places to pause and reflect a while.

It was well worth the effort to visit these lower buildings of the Gibralfaro castle. High enough to offer lovely views of the surrounding area and full of fragments of past elegance, I hope you too will get the chance to be charmed by this enchanting place.


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