Half Dome Sunset

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Despite the crowds who gather to share the experience, watching the sun set and the shadow of the Sierra Nevada pass across the face of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park is always a tranquil and enriching experience. A hush settles over the place, as if everyone is aware of a sacred presence, and discussion settles to a whisper as the transition to night gradually embraces the landscape.

The year I went there with friends after JavaOne (including Juggy the Java Finch) I set up a tripod and took a sequence of stills to build this timelapse record of the experience.

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4 responses to “Half Dome Sunset”

  1. Jean says :

    Sunset at Half Dome — more great memories for me. Thank you again for this series of photographs.

    Sunset at Uluru (“Ayers Rock”) in Central Australia is a similar experience. If you’ve not yet had the opportunity to visit Uluru, I hope you’ll have a chance soon. Although access is much more restricted than it was 30 years ago, it’s still an awesome place.

    • Simon Phipps says :

      I’ve long wanted to visit Uluru, but none of the visits I’ve made has had room for it. We spent a lifetime-memorable month in Australia visiting North Queensland and Sydney, from which many of the Australia photos here are derived, but I’d love to take The Ghan from Adelaide one day, take a trip to Uluru from Alice and then visit Darwin and thereabouts. No idea how or when, though.

  2. Robert Krawitz says :

    When my wife and I went there last September, our hosts told us that the entire range is the “sierra”, singular (which apparently means “mountain range”).

    A very different kind of sunset take from that trip: http://rlk.smugmug.com/Travel/September-2011-vacation/i-g8gVVf5/0/XL/yosemite-8-XL.jpg

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