Archive | April 27, 2012

End of Bangor’s Pier

They are not closing, nor are they removing, the pier in the Welsh city of Bangor. Surprisingly, I was in Bangor on a warm and sunny day (despite the weathermen forecasting grey skies and rain) so headed to the pier for ice-cream. The ice-cream seller was good humoured and chatted to us in a friendly manner before we wandered on to the end of the pier.

The pier is in good repair and if you walk to its end you are rewarded with great views. Turn one way and you see the Menai Straits and the bridges to Anglesey, turn in the opposite direction and enjoy the view out to sea, turn slightly back towards mainland Wales and you are faced with this view. When shown this photo, no-one ever guesses it is in Wales!

I am informed that Bangor gets a lot less rain than you might expect; most of it falling either on Anglesey or, slightly further inland, on the mountains. It is one of the smallest cities in Britain.

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