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Everyone needs a TV in the bath!! :-D

I think we live in a fairly techy household… but, despite renewing one of our bathrooms over the Christmas holiday, we have not yet bothered to include a TV/computer screen in the bathroom.

This photo is from a hotel we stayed at in London. Did I appreciate it? Not really. Once we had got past the novelty and amusement factor – it saw very little use. When on holiday, we tend to use the internet less and watch almost no TV – instead we sight-see, walk and even… talk!!

Does the idea that you may one day be able to skype your friends from in the tub worry you? Or is it just the incentive you need to go on that diet? Either way, whilst this photo may not count as visually stunning, I hope it has increased your daily mirth quota, broadened your mind a little and might even inspire you to leave a comment! Enjoy.

Granite Landscapes

Yosemite National Park is probably my favourite place on earth. Even though it operates at maximum visitor capacity all year, it’s still easy to get away from the crowds and find the most beautiful landscapes imaginable.

This view from Olmstead Point shows the granite landscape of the area beautifully. If you’re in Yosemite, I very much recommend driving the Tioga Pass road and taking some long walks from the various trailheads. Don’t be put off by the crowds in the car parks; no-one much walks more than 5 minutes from them.

Tall Trees

Tall Trees by Webminkette
Tall Trees, a photo by Webminkette on Flickr.

Those who know me, know I love trees! I loved them as a child, I re-fell in love with them when we first visited Australia’s rainforests (where they seem to grow so high) and where rides through the canopy gave me a tantalizing glimpse into another world. In America we have visited some special groves – to celebrate both height and girth of trees – including those made up of Redwoods.

Today’s picture is of a less exotic variety, taken locally at Exbury (whilst we were mainly admiring the azaleas.) Nevertheless, these beautiful trees still appeared majestic and I could not resist standing below them and snapping the fascinating view when looking up at the pale sky from underneath their boughs.

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