Yosemite Valley, Flooded

Yosemite by webmink
Yosemite, a photo by webmink on Flickr.

This is an unusual view of Yosemite Valley in California, taken during the spring floods. Yosemite Valley always has places that are beautiful and tranquil despite the enormous crowds around the visitor centre and the car parks. Just walk away for 5 minutes and you’re in wilderness country with bears and deer.

If you love waterfalls like I do, spring is the ideal time to visit – I always used to go in late May or early June after a certain trade show had brought me to San Francisco. You can see here the distant thundering of Yosemite Falls as the water descends the 740m in two stages. The lake in the foreground is formed by the flooding of the meadows on the valley floor by the Merced river. You can see the same view without the added lake.


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