Exbury Colour Explosion

Exbury 9.5.'09 by Webminkette
Exbury 9.5.’09, a photo by Webminkette on Flickr.

This photo is closer to home, just a drive through the New Forest for us. Stunning azaleas and rhododendrons fill the grounds of Exbury House with a profusion of colour that dazzle the senses. The garden is lovely all year round, but when this collection of exotic blooms are in flower then the walks become spectacular. So many colours and shades, in vast quantities – yet each individual flower perfect, fill visitors with awe and wonder.

Each time we visit, we try to capture some of the splendour of our surroundings on film (digital) but photos can never do this experience justice. Despite hundreds of images of the place, stored on our computers, inevitably our efforts fall far short of portraying the joy of being there. I thoroughly recommend you visit when these shrubs are at their breathtaking best, in the late spring, and take the opportunity to enjoy nature at its most arresting. I am always amazed, and my soul sings, to see such beauty; I am reminded, yet again, of how glorious our world is.

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