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Mangrove Crab

Mangrove Crab by webmink
Mangrove Crab, a photo by webmink on Flickr.

We were catching a plane from Cairns in Queensland, Australia, at the end of a long visit to the area. We arrived a bit early so took the rental car for a random drive down to the coast.

Someone spotted that there was a sign pointing to a Boardwalk across the mangrove swamps, so we parked and went exploring. It was a wonderful walk. We saw huge spider colonies, twisted mangrove roots in the mud, amazing walking fish and loads of birds.

Looking over the edge of the Boardwalk, we noticed tiny colourful crabs scuttling about on the mud. This is one of them – so, so colourful and in such contrast with the dull mud that they must have some cunning line of defence.

New Home

The experiment seems to be working, so I’ve decided to move this blog to its own address. Any bookmarks ought to carry on working, but if you have added a manual bookmark please update it to

I’ve also added some more sharing buttons (including Pinterest) and a Flattr button for each post. I’ll be interested to see if either gets used!

Carrying the Weight of the World

This is the mythical greek Titan, Atlas, bearing the heavens on his shoulders, a focal point of the main hall in the Royal Palace on Dam Square in Amsterdam.

Atlas was given this task as a punishment by Zeus. You’ll note it’s the heavens, and not the earth, which is his burden.

This photo is unexpectedly one of my most widely-used pictures. You can use this photo in your publication or web site by visiting iStockPhoto.

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