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The Old Reflected In The New

In the centre of Vienna, a modern building of curved glass reflects the city buildings – secular and religious – in new ways.

Things from the past look different when seen in the context of the modern. Neither is wrong; they are what they are, and understanding both in their mutual context is the only way to enjoy the world.


Jailbird by webmink
Bird of Paradise, a photo by webmink on Flickr.

Walking through the Sydney Botanical Gardens (a great place to relax) I was passing the railings around Government House and saw this fugitive from colonial oppression trying to escape, presumably seeking the paradise for which he was intended.

✈ Behind the façade

Wild Webmink

The architect who designed this church in Venice (Chiesa di San Vidal) tried to hide the building behind it, but ordinary life goes on behind the façade. There’s an ice cream shop doing brisk business, and the apartments above the shop seem to have no relation to the huge church window on the façade.

So it is everywhere. Religious or secular, business or personal, male or female, gay or straight. No matter how impressive the façade, real life goes on behind it if you look. It has to.

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Gondola Yard

Wild Webmink

I was in Italy on business this week and as I was flying in and out of Venice airport had the chance to spend a half-day in Venice. It was foggy and damp, but still enjoyable to walk around for a while. While I was there I stumbled on the gondola maintenance yard. It had to be there in Venice somewhere, but I’d never seen it before. It was clearly a place that had been there for a very long time – since the 17th century, apparently.

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